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January and February can be hot this time of year in Banyule. To keep your electricity bill from climbing, try some of these tricks to lower the temperature in your home.

It is easy to just switch on the Air-conditioning when the weather gets hot, but if you are wanting to keep your electricity bill from climbing or do not have a cooling system in your home things can get difficult. Our top 10 list of the ways to cool down your house may just be the thing you needed this summer.

1. Keep the blinds closed

While this may seem fairly obvious, closing your blindes, shades, and curtains it is estimated that around 30% of your homes heat comes from open windows. Stop that hot Australian sun from baking your home, lower the temperature of your house by 20 degrees and save potentially 7% on your bills by simply covering up those windows.

2. Install shade sales outside your windows and doors

To follow on our first tip in cooling your home, it is also a good idea to invest in blackout curtains or even putting up shade sales to stop the sun at its source. By installing shade sales, you can minimise the suns impact before it even reaches your window.

3. Use a portable or ceiling fan

Even though you may not want to use your air-conditioning or if you do not have access to air-conditioning it is wise to utalise fans. If you have ceiling fans, set them to spin in a counter clockwise direction to increase the airflow in your home. Otherwise, running up to your nearest department store and picking up a portable fan will allow you to have the air circulating while you are in the room.

4. Change your sheets

While changing your sheets on a regular basis can assist with allergies, switching from warm flannel sheets to cotton or another breathable material will help you stay cool at night when resting.

5. Stay hydrated

Often if you are overheated the room can appear much warmer than it actually is. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated and top up on your electrolytes. By switching your soft drink to fruit infused water you can increase hydration and flush out toxins. Another suggestion is to have a glass of water by your bed at night to help you cool down if you wake up too warm.

6. Use the bathroom fans to suck out hot air

It is common knowledge that heat rises. By utilising your bathroom shower fan you can remove some of that warm air and keep your master bedroom cooler throughout the night.

7. Close those doors

Take notice to the rooms you are in and close the doors in your house. By closing the doors to unused rooms you prevent heat from spreading to all parts of the house and keep the cool air contained in the rooms you want.

8. Eat without the heat or cook outside

On especially hot days it is a smart idea to consider firing up your summer Barbecue or having a cool salad. By avoiding the stove and oven you will prevent any unneeded excess heat from warming up your home. 

9. Let the night air in

Pay attention to the weather forecast and when the cool change is predicted to arrive. By opening your windows and doors when the temperature drops you can create a cross breeze as the hot air escapes your home and cool air floods in.

10. Sleep low to the ground

If you have a platformed bed you might want to consider moving your mattress to the ground on especially warm nights. As mentioned above, you can avoid the rising heat by staying closer to the ground.



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