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5 tips to nail the Hamptons style





Simple to achieve and visually stunning, the Hamptons style is in vogue. With its emphasis on natural materials, bright, open plan living spaces and timeless fixtures, here are five ways you can incorporate the Hamptons look into your home: 

A serene colour palette

Inspired by nature, the Hamptons colour palette typically incorporates white and neutral tones paired with grey, varied shades of blue or charcoal.

The Hamptons look is all about well executed contrast. Don’t be afraid to use bold black door handles or deep blue throw pillows.

Outdoor living inspired decor

Broad lounges, a bench seat or porch swing help to create the laid back luxury associated with this summery style.

Consider pieces made of natural materials such as linen upholstery, rattan, sisal or wicker - often whitewashed to reflect the light and steer away from that country feeling.

Elegant lighting

Make a statement with a tasteful chandelier. Modern sconce lighting - think caged wall lights framed by a grid of wire or wood - contribute to the natural theme. Metal framed pendant lights can add a decorative contrast with exposed bulbs and bolts.


Draped throws, room size rugs, endless linen cushions, sheer curtains and shelves stocked full of classic glassware (don’t be afraid to pop to the local op shop for some adorable, hidden gems) help to create that laid back, holiday vibe that makes the Hamptons such a welcoming style.

Keep it natural

If you are considering a renovation ensure you draw on plenty of natural materials such as timber ooring. Carrera marble bench tops in the kitchen - or reconstituted stone for a tighter budget - paired with white cabinetry, are a hallmark of the Hamptons look. 


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