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How will the federal election impact the property market?




As the federal election approaches, owners, investors and buyers are considering how the outcome may impact the Banyule property market.

Typical of any election, both major parties are working hard to differentiate their policies through campaigning and election promises. Knowing that the real estate landscape may look different depending on which party wins office in May understandably affects decision-making, whether as a prospective purchaser or vendor.

Property-related topics that have been part of the federal election conversation include negative gearing and capital gains tax, with both sides expressing different views around possible legislative changes and any outcomes these may produce. Any changes in this space will particularly impact current and would-be property investors.

No matter where you are on your property journey, what is clear is that the outcome of the election will soon be known. Irrespective of which party is elected, and whether or not they hold a clear majority in any newly-formed Parliament, once the dust has settled, both buyers and vendors can move forward with increased confidence.

Clarity is vital when considering a property sale or purchase. For Banyule property owners planning a 2019 sale, the outcome of the federal election will mean sales campaigns can be locked in with confidence, and the right strategies applied to achieve the strongest results.

As trusted local property leaders, the Miles Real Estate team have experienced the impact of many federal and state elections over the years, and can be relied upon as your real estate guides in times of change. Please do not hesitate to be in touch should you have any queries about how the election outcome may impact your real estate plans.


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