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Despite significant changes to the current residential property market we are still experiencing robust levels of buyer demand and sales activity.

With many qualified buyers still actively seeking to purchase under today’s buying conditions, an agile approach to selling in the current market is paramount. Many recent sellers have choosen an off market approach, others are using traditional private sale or expression of interest methods, whilst online auctions are also gaining momentum.

Miles Director, Stewart Oldmeadow notes that whilst the way the Australian Real Estate market is now transacting has significantly changed, we are noticing strong demand for residential bricks and mortar, with many perceiving it as a long term, secure investment. That combined with the fact that those who have security, and home buyers with pre-approved loans are still determined to make use of their finance despite changes to real estate conditions.

As a market leader, Miles is responding to the changing market with determination to continue to provide the same level of professional knowledge and market expertise our clients have come to expect. 

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