Additional Services

In addition to our comprehensive list of trusted trades and services we are also pleased to offer the following services through the Miles Concierge.

1. Home Organisation and Styling 
Is your home filled to the brim with a lifetime of memories and just too much stuff? Maybe you're considering a move but just feeling overwhelmed with the task of decluttering and presenting your home to be campaign ready... Would you like to showcase your home with the greatest appeal to every potential buyer without the expense of Hire furniture? Fear not, we have you covered. 

The House Whisperer Co. hosts a list of services ranging from decluttering and organisation to the presentation and styling of any space so that it looks and feels its best in readiness for the market. With fresh eyes and practical, hands-on help, The House Whisperer Co will have you sorted for a fresh start. So whether you're anticipating a big move or needing order restored before you take the next step, The House Whisperer Co is your go-to for all things home organisation and presentation.   

1hr Consultation (Valued at $150) free of charge with any service booking.

2. Interior Design
At Miles, we have always been proud to support local businesses, with a proven track record of excellence, value and customer service in their field of expertise. Instile Interiors is one such example. They offer exclusive to Mile’s clients a complimentary 1.5 hour consultation (at their studio or on site) including colour consultations, styling advice, spatial advice, supplier recommendations, window furnishings advice (access to unique fabrics & products) and more. This service has a typical retail value of $360.  

3. Finance Specialist 
It is always important to review your loan and finance. We all need the assurance of confirming your existing finance is the best option for you at a given time. We have worked with an award-winning broker for many years, who offers his clients cost and obligation free assessments of their finance. Please watch the chat we had with Dan last year. If you would like to be connected with Dan for your obligation free review, please get in touch and I will connect you or fill our the enquiry form here.  

4. Home Safety Audit Assurance 
Legislation in Victoria requires Rental Providers to complete gas and electrical safety audits every two years and an annual smoke alarm service on all residential rental properties, to help ensure the safety of renters in the home. The pre-emptive detection of significant gas leaks and dangerous, aged electrical wiring over thousands of homes across Victoria since this legislation came into effect has validated the changes in law protecting both investors and renters. However, this mandated audit does not extend to private homeowners and is therefore not practice. One of our trusted trade partners in this field is offering to extend this service to homeowners, at a significantly reduced cost for Miles clients. The service includes a full safety report with photos, as well as quotes where applicable and with recommendations or requirements to ensure the safety of the gas and electrical appliances in your property and the correct functioning of your smoke alarms.  

5. Home Maintenance When Selling
You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!
The process of selling can be daunting for many and at best a busy time for most. The additional time required for extra cleaning and mowing lawns is not possible for some vendors, particularly when they’re not residing at the property they have on the market or if it was an investment property. One of our trusted trade partners, specialising in this area, is offering customised home maintenance packages for our clients tailored to your internal and external maintenance requirements when selling. Packages start from $150+gst.  

6. Storage and Removals
You can’t buy and sell without moving! And moving has many unavoidable expenses associated with it, including the move itself! One of our highly trusted and proven trade partners is offering 5% discounts to all Miles' clients, so if you are looking for a recommendation for a great service at a reduced price please get in touch. 

Please submit any enquires or service requests using the above form or contact Fiona Feely on 0438 847 787 or email who will be delighted to assist you.  

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