Notice To Vacate

Ending your Rental Agreement

If you wish to vacate the property at the end of the Rental Agreement you must give written notice twenty eight (28) days beforehand. Verbal notice is not acceptable.

If you wish to vacate during the term of the Rental Agreement, you will be breaking the contract you have entered into. In this instance please contact your Property Manager to discuss the financial implications.

Vacating Notice


Hereby give 28 days notice of our intention to vacate the above-mentioned property by 4:00 pm.

Day Of
Reason for Leaving
Forwarding address
Phone Number

I/We understand that if our lease has not expired when the property is vacated, rent and re-letting expenses may be incurred as per clause F of the lease agreement.

I/We agree for Miles Real Estate to take internal photos for internet marketing purposes.

Please Note:

As per condition no.31.1 of your lease agreement the landlord may erect a “For Lease” sign during the last 4 weeks of your tenancy to assist in re-letting the property.


Contact our property management team today for expert knowledge and advice.

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