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Rachel Vincenti | Senior Property Manager - Residential Management 

I started off at Miles in a receptionist role 10 years ago. Three years in, I moved into a property management position, and I am now a Senior Property Manager. Miles are always striving to broaden our professional development, they always give the opportunity to progress through the company. I have worked at other places where you are just a number in the system and the directors don’t know your name. At Miles its different, the directors not only know your name, but they also remember the little details and always there to listen if you have issues.

I have been with Miles since I was 21 the staff feel like family, everyone knows one another and always looks out for each other. Culturally, it is a great, supportive work environment. People are happy to help one another, and everyone loves to have a laugh. No day ever looks the same, routines, finals, opens, condition reports. You never know what you are going to get when you wake up in the morning. After being in Property Management for several years you form a relationship with the rental providers. One time in particular the owner was renovating her yard and had plants she didn’t need; she knew I was renovating my back yard and called to offer me the plants. They become more than a customer; you develop a relationship.

I would always recommend anyone to work at Miles, they have always stood out above the rest - that is probably why my cousin also works at Miles! Having grown up in Ivanhoe my earliest memory of Miles was being a little girl when they had the touch screen in the front window to search for properties on the market, even then I knew Miles was different to the other agencies. 

Rachel Vincenti

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