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Top tips for advertising your property for sale



One of the greatest myths in real estate is that a single form of property advertising is all that is required when selling your home. In a digital age where prospective buyers are now more informed than ever, it takes a strong combination of marketing techniques to push through the noise and gain buyer attention. 

This is why the team at Miles works closely with clients to tailor a marketing strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome for your property. This strategy may include:

1) A targeted social media campaign 

A successful marketing campaign begins with identifying, then reaching potential buyers. 

A highly-targeted social media campaign is a cost-effective and highly penetrative way to access a large number of prospective buyers. 

Social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Facebook, provide a highly visual and interactive platform for prospective buyers to see exactly what makes your property stand out and to share information with their friends or family. 

For the right property, a paid promotional social media campaign can allow you to go beyond the social followers of your real estate agency and broaden the reach of your property’s advertising to a highly targeted and engaged audience.

Top tip: Instagram is on fire right now with many users actively browsing before they make a purchasing decision. Take the time to select images that best reflect your property’s appeal - space, great aspect, picture perfect facade - to draw users to find out more about your property. 

2) Creative blog content 

Blog content can be an effective marketing tool with just the right amount of information to entice potential buyers. Tell the story and history of your property and heighten the sense of sentimental value attached to your home to increase the emotional engagement between prospective buyers and your listing.

Check out Miles' recent post on 36 Streeton Cresent, Ivanhoe East, the former residence of iconic Australian artist Arthur Streeton, for some inspiration. 

Make the most of your blog content by sharing the link across your social media channels to heighten interest and encourage greater conversation around your property.

3) Advertise on multiple online portals 

Today’s prospective buyers are more informed than ever and this means they shop around! 

Get their attention by ensuring your property is listed on as many websites as possible. For maximum exposure and Homely are a great place to start. 

4) Don’t forget about print advertising! 

Not dead yet, print is still an integral aspect of successfully advertising and selling your property. Great print collateral is particularly important when generating interest among the local community - which in 75 per cent of cases, is where your buyer is located! Signage and brochures are a quick and easy method of increasing awareness and capturing the attention of prospective buyers or investors within the area. 

5) Create your own microsite 

Let prospective buyers dive into the halls of your home at any time from anywhere with your own microsite.  

A microsite is a small website (it can be as small as a single page) that separates from a main site to deliver a unique story. 

By creating a microsite dedicated to your property, prospective buyers are afforded another lucrative touchpoint to explore key aspects of your home. Ensure you include the story behind your property, important features, location and beautiful imagery. 

For those willing to go that extra mile, why not consider video, particularly drone footage, which truly takes buyers into your home. 

Bonus tip: focus on quality - from photography to video to copywriting! 

Don’t scrimp on the quality of your content. Premium quality advertising will help to convey your home as a premium residence. It is an investment.

Support each of your advertising strategies with strong photography, video and copywriting that allows your property to present with its best foot forward. 


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