Compliance for Rental Properties - What The Deadline Means For Rental Providers


With deadlines fast approaching, Residential Rental Providers under recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 must now ensure that safety and compliance checks are conducted by a licensed or registered practitioner.

Full gas and electrical services must be completed every two years and smoke alarm services annually. Every private residential rental property in Victoria is now required by law to complete the first full safety and compliance service by the deadline of March 29th, 2023 depending on the lease status of their property.

On behalf of their clients, Miles has invested significant time sourcing quality professionals in these areas. Local suppliers Syncom Auditing and Darebin Gas have been engaged to share the compliance servicing across Miles’ portfolio with both comparable in excellence and value providing full warranties on all their services along with extensive maintenance service and compliance reports.

They conduct same-day services ensuring minimal disruption for renters and, collectively, have performed over 1500 full safety and compliance services as arranged by Miles. While this legislative requirement does come with a financial cost, the result of these compliance audits help ensure property owners have personal indemnity and renters have assurances and certified safety regarding electrical and gas appliances.

While any issues identified have been proportionately minimal, notable significant issues identified at the time of service include carbon monoxide leaks and gas leaks. Electrical safety checks revealed power points without earth, an electrical shock hazard, and exposed cabling and wiring which can be a major fire hazard.

Smoke alarms have expiry dates so annual audits ensure they are replaced when required and correctly positioned to safeguard the property and renters while protecting any future insurance claims should they arise.

The good news is that over this period there have been no compliance issues identified that could not be rectified. Note that older properties can require some safety-related or recommended rectification works following the first safety service though the two-yearly servicing should result in full compliance.

Residential Rental Providers that directly engage their own trade to conduct safety checks need to be aware that they must be licenced and registered. The appropriate record keeping must be maintained with copies provided to Miles Real Estate, and to Renters should they ask within 7 days of a request per legislation requirements. 

Rental Providers that have signed a new property lease as of March 2021 will be familiar with Disclosure Statements - acknowledgement of meeting and understanding obligations under the new legislation including compliance services authorisation - and Minimum Standards - acknowledgment of minimum standard of safety and comfort including security and providing basic amenities for Renters to live in comfort. Miles provides these documents for convenient electronic signing.

Miles’ rollout of their safety and compliance audits provided by qualified/licenced professional suppliers have to date been highly effective, and on some occasions critical.

As the deadline draws near, Rental Providers can find out more about their compliance status through discussion with a Property Manager who can advise on authorisation of a full service where applicable. Contact Miles or click this link for further information from the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

Fiona Galbally
Customer Care Manager
Residential Management


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