Miles’ Preferred Suppliers – Only the Best Will Do


Miles’ Preferred Suppliers – Only the Best Will Do

A significant portion of Fiona Galbally’s time as Miles’ Customer Care Manager is dedicated to engaging and managing suppliers and trades that are sent to clients’ investment properties. Those engaged by Miles to carry out these works are regarded as a direct reflection of the same high standards of customer care and service maintained throughout the Miles Real Estate organisation. 

The Miles’ service agreement that all trades must strictly adhere to includes holding valid insurance policies and appropriate qualifications in their area of service, being vaccinated (per legislation requirement at the time) and understanding whom to directly communicate with for each specific job. Trades will not be engaged without this agreement and understanding of the process in writing.

This process goes a long way to ensure quality of service, value, good customer care and an understanding from the trade that the Rental Provider is their client.  Additionally, Miles conducts invoice audits at the time of processing, to ensure fair value for service is always maintained and can secure monthly payment plans, when required, with suppliers for major works should they arise.

If clients choose to engage a trade that is not a ‘Miles Preferred Supplier’, a Property Manager should be advised in writing to confirm they are fully insured before authorising any works. Alternatively, Miles can provide them with one of their ‘Preferred Trade Agreements’ to complete prior to attending the property. 

Miles are pleased to share some offers and specials on behalf of some of their suppliers that are exclusive to Miles’ clients. A Property Manager can be contacted directly about any of these offers while Fiona Galbally is available to discuss the services of our Preferred Trades and provide any further information.  

Fiona Galbally
Customer Care Manager
Residential Management


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