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Compliance Requirements from 29th March 2023


Properties being offered for rent need to meet basic minimum standards.  

The full set of new rental laws came into effect on 29 March 2021, however, some laws did not apply to Renters (formally tenants) in existing Rental Agreements (Tenancy Agreements). Effective of March 29th, 2023, all 130 updates to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) will legally apply to all Renters and Residential Rental Providers (RRP, formally landlords). To read the full version of the legislation click here.  

Gas and Electrical Safety Checks  

Under the new rental laws, all RRPs must ensure that safety checks on their properties are up-to-date and all records retained, Miles will do so on your behalf, once authority to book with one of our local suppliers is received. Gas and Electrical checks must be conducted by a trade specialist every two years and smoke alarms serviced, annually. Renters must be provided copies of all reports within seven days of submitting a written request. If you choose to manage the safety checks of your property yourself, please provides us with the copies, or at least the dates of the last safety checks, so we can notify you when they are next required due. As expected with older properties, rectification works are sometimes required and quoted for following the first safety check service. This includes switchboard and RCBO 

(Residual Current Breaker with Over-Current) upgrades, which must all be completed by 29th March 2023 to avoid any risk of a fine from Consumer Affairs Victoria. However, once initial rectification works are completed, the follow up safety audit will be a more time and cost-efficient process for property owners. 

Minimum Standards Guide  

By March 29th 2023 all private residential rental properties must also meet what has been identified as the a ‘minimum standard’. Please click here for the full list of the minimum standards.   

How we can help  

Whilst we recognise so much change in legislation can be overwhelming, we are more than equipped to assist you to ensure that you and your property are fully compliant and protected by the deadline. By now you will have received multiple communications from us, via your Property Manager or newsletters, regarding your obligations and what needs to be done. If you have not yet approved a full safety service on your property with your Property Manager or provided full reports of safety audits you have organised directly, please do so now. If you have any questions regarding the updates to the RTA, your obligations as an RRP, the status of your property regarding safety checks and minimum standards, contact Fiona Feely directly on 03 9490 0573 for further assistance.  

Please speak to your Property Manager as soon as possible if you have any concerns around your property meeting the required minimum standard, to allow sufficient time to identify and authorise any rectification works required by March 29th of this year.  

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