Concierge Update


The Concierge Service at Miles expanded throughout 2023. The mission of the service is twofold, centred on making our clients’ lives easier.

Firstly, should you require a recommendation for a quality provider, offering fair value (from gardener, cleaner to electrician to plumber) then call the Concierge and we will refer you to one of our trusted trade and service partners.  

Secondly, if you require a small to medium non-structural renovation on your property (commercial, residential investment or primary residence), Miles Concierge can organise an obligation free quote for the scope of works required. 

Our service encompasses both project management and execution of the works, guaranteeing the delivery on time and budget. Over the past six months, we've successfully finished more than twenty-four projects. These include properties being prepared for sale and investment properties undergoing updates between tenancies. A recent renovation managed by the Concierge, costing $13,000, not only preserved the property's long-term condition through maintenance but also resulted in a $130 increase in weekly rent. This upgrade led to an annual income boost of $6,760, thanks to improvements made to the property.

Please do not hesitate to contact or visit or website for further information.  


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