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Crafting Eaglemont's Identity: Walter Burley Griffin and the Vision of Mount Eagle & Glenard Estates


In the heart of Eaglemont lies the Mount Eagle Estate and The Glenard Estate, living tributes to Walter Burley Griffin, the American architect renowned for designing Canberra, Australia's capital. His work in partnership with his wife, Marion Mahony Griffin, extends its influence to the Melbourne's suburban landscape notably right here in Banyule.

Eaglemont, characterised by its natural beauty and panoramic views, was transformed in the early 20th century through Griffin's vision. Around 1918 tasked with creating a subdivision that complemented the area's natural terrain, Griffin introduced the Mount Eagle Estate as an early example of environmentally sensitive design, emphasising "organic architecture" where buildings and landscapes exist in harmony. The estate included the very latest town planning ideas with community parklands behind housing allotments and winding streets, rather than the usual linear pattern.

This philosophy is evident in the estate's road layout, preservation of trees and the spacious plots for homes that seamlessly integrate with the environment, fostering a strong community connection. Griffin's designs, marked by the use of local materials, geometric shapes, and expansive windows, not only highlight his legacy but also continue to influence modern Australian architecture.

Today, Eaglemont and the Mount Eagle Estate stand as key components of Melbourne’s cultural and architectural heritage, showcasing Griffin's forward-thinking approach to design. As one strolls through Eaglemont, Griffin's vision for architecture and landscape harmony remains a defining feature of the suburb, inspiring sustainable and cohesive community development.

In the last six months Miles have been proud to bring two Walter Burley Griffin heritage homes to market. Lippincott House at 21 Glenard Drive, Eaglemont (sold) and the Skipper House at 45 Outlook Drive Eaglemont currently listed as a private sale.


For more information about Walter Burley Griffin and the Mount Eagle Estate visit The Walter Burley Griffin Society.


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