Safety Checks Update and Competitively Priced Appliance Replacement


Nearly three years after the legislation has come into effect which included mandated gas and electrical safety checks every two years and an annual smoke alarm service on rental properties, we are very proud to confirm all properties where Miles manages the safety audits are 100% current and certified safe.  

If you've been handling the safety service management for your property but now wish to entrust Miles with overseeing your property's safety inspections, please advise your Property Manager. By opting for our service once every two years with one invoice, you can rest assured that these audits will meet the necessary standards and comply with legislative timelines, offering you complete peace of mind. It has now become a straightforward audit process to confirm the safety status of a property. This is important to help ensure the safety of the Renters but also, in protecting the assets of the property investors.

While initial audits, particularly on older properties did require some rectification works, including switchboard upgrades and replacing old, galvanised gas lines with copper ones (in line with today’s safety standards) we are now observing few to no further works required following the second round (bi-annual) of safety checks on properties.

We are observing and hearing many examples of insurance companies requesting copies of the safety reports on investment properties prior to paying a claim, further demonstrating the importance of ensuring they are up to date.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any specific questions around the legislation, including confirmation your property meets minimum standards. Our many great trade partners can assist with any rectification works required at a very competitive price. 

Finally, please note if you have an appliance at your investment property that is 10+ years old and requires a repair, it often makes more financial sense to replace that appliance - this will be the recommendation of most trade partners. We have a supplier who will price-beat all appliance replacement, including air conditioners and hot water systems. If this is relevant to you, please reach out to your Property Manager for more information or a quote.


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