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​A Recognised Name Joins a Recognised Brand


Miles are delighted to welcome Gordon Hope as a Partner and as a top tier- sales agent to our expanding residential sales team. 

Gordon is a highly experienced and recognisable sales agent who has been working exclusively in the area for over 15 years. Gordon has sold many of the best homes in the area achieving record property prices along the way. He is also an award winning auctioneer, competing as an Australasian Senior Auctioneer Finalist. 

Miles: It’s great to have you on board Gordon - what will you bring to the Miles team?

Gordon: Thank you, I’m truly thrilled to be here! I have always held the Miles brand in such high regard and I am incredibly excited to be able to bring my extensive local experience and knowledge of the real estate market. Miles also has a strong reputation amongst the community for their high standards of customer service which is also something I am passionate about as this is one of the keys to any successful brand, particularly real estate. 

Miles: What appeals to you about the Miles brand in the local market?

Gordon: I’ve always thought of Miles as the type of people you can absolutely trust! Having grown up, gone to school and played sport locally - I’ve always known and recognised the Miles brand to be synonymous with quality real estate locally and agents who will go above and beyond for their clients. Furthermore, the fact the brand has stood proud for 100 years strong and is a household name within the local community and supports over 40 clubs and organisations - this is something I’m very proud to be a part of.

Miles: You’re an award winning auctioneer - tell us a bit more about this?

Gordon: I’ve always been a big advocate for auction competitions as there is no greater forum to fine tune your skills in the most challenging of environments. Over the years, I’ve competed in a number of Senior Auctioneering Competitions and have been fortunate enough to win multiple awards. This has allowed me to build my auctioneering capability over the years and gives me great confidence to represent vendors each week, striving for the best possible outcome in a variety of market conditions.

Miles: Real Estate is a competitive business - how do you personally innovate and grow?

Gordon: I’m blessed in the fact that I absolutely love what I do, and as a result, I am committed to ongoing learning and professional development to further improve my skills and capabilities as a real estate leader. I have a thirst for knowledge and I am constantly attending conferences/seminars, listening to podcasts and collaborating with leading agents in varying markets to ensure I’m at the forefront of all aspects of the industry for my clients.

Miles: What do you think makes a supportive team environment?

Gordon: Working with genuine people with high levels of integrity and empathy is very important to me and this is already coming through strongly at Miles. It’s great to see so many employees who have been here for many years and love being part of this team, which is testament to the family-like culture they have created over the last 100 years – this is something I’m genuinely excited to be a part of.

Thank you Gordon, as we celebrate 100 years in business we are also excited to be strengthening our position as the area's most experienced residential sales team. It goes without saying that it’s an absolute pleasure to be welcoming more exceptional talent into our fold and ensuring we have a strong and focused team who can deliver highly at all levels.

If you would like to talk to Gordon about your property or the local market in general please get in touch on or call ☎ 0403 613 577


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