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​What Banyule Buyers Want


The Allure of Swimming Pools, Garages & Outdoor Living

In addition to finding a beautiful home that meets their needs, today's buyers are increasingly drawn to properties that offer a blend of comfort, convenience and lifestyle enhancements. When it comes to the features that buyers want we found four that are particularly important for those looking for property in Banyule.

1. Outdoor Area - Extensions of living space

The desire for well-curated outdoor areas has grown exponentially, with buyers looking for homes that offer seamless indoor-outdoor living. Whether it's a landscaped garden, a comfortable patio or an outdoor BBQ/kitchen, these spaces extend the living area, providing an ideal place for relaxation, entertainment and enjoying the beauty of natural light. Outdoor areas have become very popular for buyers seeking a home that offers a place to entertain with family and friends.Outdoor areas were in the top 3 features for Ivanhoe, East Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Eaglemont and Macleod.

2. Ensuite Bathroom - Private sanctuary

Ensuite bathrooms are increasingly sought after for the convenience and privacy they offer. Acting as a private retreat within the bedroom, they enhance the living experience by providing a secluded spot for relaxation and personal care. This feature was in the top 3 for Rosanna and Viewbank.

3. Swimming Pool - A personal oasis

Swimming pools have always been a symbol of luxury and leisure, but their appeal has soared in recent years. With more people spending time at home due to changing work environments, having a personal oasis has become more desirable. A pool offers a private retreat for relaxation, entertainment and physical activity, making it a highly sought after amenity for families. Additionally, in a pool can be a crucial feature that sets a property apart in a competitive market and can add considerable value to a property. Pools are the number one feature searched for Ivanhoe East and Eaglemont.

4. Garage - More than just a parking space

While garages have traditionally been valued for their practicality and storage solutions, their role in the modern home has expanded. Today's buyers see garages as multifunctional spaces that can serve as workshops, hobby areas, or even a home gym. In addition to providing secure parking, a spacious garage can offer valuable additional space for activities and storage making it a highly desirable feature for buyers looking for flexibility in their next home. Garages are the most searched feature for Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Heidelberg, Macleod and Viewbank.

Units - In Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe East, Heidelberg, Rosanna, Macleod, Eaglemont - Balconies, Garages, Outdoor areas or a Courtyard were amongst the top three features for all suburbs, again reinforcing the value of having flexible and natural living spaces.

These elements reflect the growing trend among buyers to seek homes that are not just places to live, but spaces that enhance their overall lifestyle and wellbeing.

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