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Modern Bathroom Renovations: Elevating Comfort, Style and Adding Value


In the contemporary home, the bathroom has transcended its utilitarian origins to become a sanctuary of comfort, luxury, and personal style. As homeowners seek to blend functionality with aesthetics, bathroom renovations have surged in popularity, embracing innovative designs, technology, and sustainability. This article explores the latest trends and considerations in modern bathroom renovations, guiding homeowners toward creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also enhance the quality of daily living and adding value.

Embracing Minimalism The minimalist trend continues to dominate bathroom designs with homeowners and designers favouring clean lines, uncluttered spaces and a neutral colour palette. This approach not only creates a more spacious and calming environment but also emphasises efficiency and functionality. Space-saving solutions like wall-mounted toilets and floating vanities contribute to the minimalist aesthetic while making cleaning easier and enhancing floor space visibility and creating the illusion of a larger room.

The Rise of Spa-Like Features As the bathroom evolves into a personal retreat, homeowners are incorporating elements traditionally found in spas. Freestanding soaking tubs and rain showerheads are popular choices for those looking to create a tranquil and indulgent experience. Natural materials like stone and wood are often selected for their organic beauty and ability to a further create a spa-like ambiance.

Personalisation with Unique Finishes and Fixtures Homeowners are expressing their unique styles through distinctive finishes and fixtures. Matte black and brushed gold are on trend choices for tapware and hardware, offering a bold contrast to the neutral tones of minimalist design. Statement tiles are also popular, providing an opportunity to inject personality and visual interest into the space.

Versatile Lighting Lighting has now become more considered when planning a bathroom renovation or refit. In addition to overhead lighting - wall sconces, mirror lighting and adjustable/dimmable downlights and LED (higher energy efficiency) have become more popular allowing for changes throughout the day and night.

Considering Sustainability Sustainability is a significant consideration in modern renovations, with eco-friendly materials and solar hot water. Low-flow toilets and showerheads, recycled wood and natural stone are popular choices for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Case Study – Miles Concierge Bathroom Renovation

After Miles Concierge renovation                                             Before

If you are considering a bathroom refresh allow a budget of up to 15K, this will cover the refreshing of tiles, walls, shower screens and tapware. This will not cover plumbing.

If you are planning a full renovation allow 30-45K + re-plumb and refit the entire space – this including replacing all fitting and fixtures, new tiles and lighting.

Miles Concierge can manage bathroom refits and renovations on your behalf. We will prepare a no obligation and cost-free quote based upon your specific requirements. Please contact Fiona Feely on 0438 847 787 or concierge@milesre.com.au who will be delighted to assist you.  


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