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Banyules Hidden Gems: Exploring Lesser-Known Neighbourhoods


When thinking about buying a home in Banyule, higher-profile suburbs like Ivanhoe, Rosanna, or Eaglemont might first come to mind. However, Banyules lesser-known neighbourhoods often offer unique opportunities for home buyers and families looking for potential growth and value. In this article, we explore some of the hidden gems in the Banyule area that might just be the perfect spot for your next property.

1. Heidelberg Heights

Just north of thriving Heidelberg is Heidelberg Heights or Heidi Heights as it’s affectionately known - offering an affordable entry point into the property market. This suburb has seen good gentrification over the years and now attracts a mix of young professionals and families who are drawn to its proximity to major hospitals, excellent public transport options and La Trobe University. With ongoing infrastructure improvements including the North-East link, and its family and community vibe, Heidelberg Heights is poised for further growth.

2.  Macleod

Known for its large blocks and beautiful parks, Macleod is another suburb that promises more investment potential in the future. Its appeal is enhanced by Macleod College, a well-regarded public high school that draws families to the area. With a local village feel yet excellent links to the city, Macleod offers a peaceful environment that doesn't sacrifice convenience.

3. Bellfield

Bellfield, one of the smaller suburbs in the Banyule LGA, is often overlooked but holds good growth potential due to its proximity to Ivanhoe and Heidelberg shopping districts. Its recent zoning changes and developments have sparked interest among developers and home renovators, which is likely to drive up property values in the coming years.

These Banyule suburbs represent some of the lesser-known opportunities in the local real estate market. Each offers a unique blend of lifestyle attributes and investment potential -  ideal for those looking to make a smart entry into the housing market or add to their investment portfolio. As Melbourne transitions to Australia’s biggest city, these hidden gems will no doubt enjoy increased interest and significant appreciation in property values over the next decade.

We have the following properties listed for sale: 

3/9 Marks Avenue, Heidelberg Heights

4/56 Altona Street, Heidelberg Heights

28 Dunvegan Crescent, Macleod

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