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COVIDSafe Settings Update


November 19th 2021

Our team continues working to the most up-to-date CovidSafe regulations.

AUCTIONS AND INSPECTIONS: Inspections and auctions are for patrons who are fully vaccinated in accordance with the Victorian Government regulations. All attendees are required to show proof of vaccination and check into Services Victoria via the QR code. Any patrons above the age of 12 years and 2 months must be fully vaccinated or be an excepted person. Non-vaccinated patrons can only attend private inspections (subject to agreement). Masks are required at all inspections. Masks are no longer required outdoors, however, it is highly recommended masks be worn outdoors when physical distancing cannot be achieved. Density limits no longer apply.

OFFICES: Real Estate offices can reopen with fully vaccinated staff at the premises. All visitors must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination and check-in upon arrival at reception to Services Victoria via the QR code. Masks are only required in spaces that are open to the public. For example, the reception area and meeting rooms.  Density limits no longer apply.

Most auctions will move to on-site, virtual auctions may still go ahead in some cases, please check the property listing for further information. 

Please click here for a link to the latest Victorian Government update.

Contact us via phone 03 9497 3222 or email if you have any questions or would like more information about our how we are operating at the moment.

We are committed to supporting your real estate goals and will continue to provide further updates as needed. 

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