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Our Property Management Team Provides you with Complete Peace of Mind


Your investment property is a lot more than real estate; it's a valuable asset shaping your future and financial security. At Miles, we do more than just rent out and manage your property. You can trust our team to take care of every detail – and keep your property fully maintained, 100% compliant and leased with quality renters.

Property Management can be time-consuming and stressful requires a diverse range of skills and expertise, but rest assured we have you covered. Here are some of the numerous benefits our team brings to your valuable asset: 

Results and ROI: Our team know the most cost-effective way to get the best return on investment. We are always looking for ways to improve this on your behalf. 

Low Arrears: At Miles we have an exceptionally low arrears rate at 1%. Our team are quickly alerted to any arrears and these matters are typically resolved within one week.

Reduced vacancy & quality Renters: Our large client database allows us to quickly lease your property to responsible and reliable tenants.  

Legal Protection & Compliance: At Miles we are proud to have a 100% compliance rate across our entire portfolio of over 2500 properties. If this doesn’t give you peace of mind, we also have a VCAT expert with over 20+ years of experience who will actively mitigate risks.  

Financial Management & Reporting: All your financial and property reports are available anytime at the touch of a button. This includes condition reports, income and expenditure and financial statements. 

Trade relationships and high standards of maintenance: Our team have established relationships with a vast network of high-value service and trade partners ensuring you always get the best in price and quality – everything from plumbing to insurance specialists to finance brokers.

Emergency Response: Property managers are equipped to handle emergencies and address tenant concerns promptly. This ensures that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. 

Miles Concierge Service: A dedicated service for the project management of multiple jobs. We handle quoting, scheduling, and trade management on your behalf. This means you won't need to take time off work or stress about finding the time to manage it all yourself.  

We’ll pay the bills: Need your water or rates paid as part of your service? We can manage this so you never have to think about it. 

Consistent Relationships: With a low turnover rate among our Property Managers, you'll always know who you're dealing with. 

Collaborative Teamwork: Calls never go unanswered! All our Property Managers work in small teams, guaranteeing your property is looked after. Should your dedicated PM be unavailable, another PM will step up and take care of any concerns and action needed. 

Proven Track Record: We have taken over management from many other agencies in the past with Rental Providers consistently highlighting how stress-free Miles' service is compared to their previous property management team. 

Thank you for choosing Miles as your property management partner. Our primary goal is to provide you with a level of service that goes beyond the ordinary – a service that allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of owning an investment property, while leaving behind the stress and worry of day-to-day management. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to discuss any aspect of your property, please don't hesitate to reach out to us

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